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Montgó Nature Park and San Antonio Marine Reserve: Dénia and Xàbia

Costa Blanca
Comunitat Valenciana

This impressive enclave, facing the coasts of Dénia and Xàbia, is home excellent diving sites. We can find simple caves with lovely arcades and light plays as well as vertical walls that lead us down to a seabed with mazes of tunnels and grottos, where large fallen rocks provide for entertaining routes. Here, it is customary to find dusky groupers, gilt-head bream, sea bass, corbs, lobsters, toothhed bream, red scorpion fish, moray eels, octopus, sea urchins and other species. In cracks and overhangs, we can observe an abundant coral community as well as Posidonia Oceanica meadows.

The coast of Dénia and Xàbia encompasses the south of the extensive Golfo de Valencia and is the gateway to a clearly differentiated natural environment, with a predominance of cliff areas and abundant coves, both sandy and rocky. The seabed, as an extension of the surface landscape, stands out for the continuous rock formations, sometimes the outcome of landslides from the cliffs and steeply sloping areas. This hard substrate is the kind preferred by divers, who enjoy swimming around and exploring the endless possibilities offered by such a rich and varied seabed, in a setting of truly exceptional natural beauty.

The waters of the coast bordering with the Montgó Nature Park, shared by Dénia and Xábia, combine a series of  environmental values which led to its designation as a Marine Reserve in November 1993, currently bounded by the line from the easternmost point of the Cape of San Antonio to the line of longitude that passes through the point at San Nicolás.

Underwater studies carried out in this spot show the existence of a varied underwater topography, some areas with little slope and others with cliffs. The substrate is mostly rocky, alternating with variable stretches of sandy, gravel and shingle seabed, the most characteristic benthos communities being those that develop over the rocky substrate.

The presence of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica is notable, a endemic species in the Mediterranean, playing an important role as a dietary resource in the food chains and providing large amounts of oxygen to the environment, which makes this an ideally suited area for the development of a large number of species of interest for fishing, which use these places for breeding and rearing young.


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