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Diving after COVID

 What will scuba diving be like after Covid 19?

Diving in Columbretes Islands

Scuba diving and snorkelling in a volcanic island: The Marine Reserve of Columbretes Islands

I'd like to tell about my diving experience at a very special place: Columbretes Islands.

snorkel comunitat valenciana

Discover the secrets of the Mediterranean by snorkelling in the Region of Valencia

One of the most important attractions of the Region of Valencia is its long coast, with almost 600 kilometres of coastline bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

Bou Ferrer, el pecio romano más grande del Mediterráneo

Bou Ferrer, the largest roman wreck in the Mediterranean

The Bou Ferrer Wreck is a Roman shipwreck of the 1st c. CE found at a depth of approximately 25 meters and is located nearly 1000 meters from the coast, in front of the beaches of Villajoyosa (Alicante).

Recomendaciones para un buceo sostenible y respetuoso con el medio

Recommendations for a sustainable diving experience

These are some recommendations for a sustainable diving experience:

  • When accessing diving areas from the coast, passing through natural habitats, plants and animals must be respected, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

  • Rubbish or waste must not be thrown on the ground or left behind.

Pecio Owasco Primera Guerra Mundial Vila Joiosa

1st World War shipwrecks in La Vila Joiosa

The Mediterranean coast was widely used by Allied merchant ships during WW1 as a transit route given its neutrality during the war, and therefore the commanders of the German submarines included it as one of the main points of hunting.