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Inner Grossa - Columbretes

Castellón Mediterráneo
Castellón de la Plana

The scuba route will begin at the same anchoring buoy No. 8 where the bottom, beside a rocky promontory, at a depth of just four metres, drops steeply to 15 metres. The proposal is to head for the north end of the island, encountering a profusion of large stones and rocky platforms along the way, like a labyrinth where huge lobsters hide taking refuge from the ever­present dusky grouper. It is a seabed of moderate depth but full of life: gilt­head seabream, dentex bream, barracuda, octopus and slipper lobster parade in a surprising procession, while the sandy clearings are dotted with pen shells.

And the best of it is that to enjoy the splendour of life concentrated on the Columbretes seabed it is not necessary to go out to the offshore area, which is deeper and more technically challenging.

Arriving at the north end, make for the wall of the island and, keeping it on the right hand side, begin the entertaining return to the anchoring buoy.

Inner Grossa Columbretes


Grossa Interior - Columbretes

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