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The silvery salema, sargo and two-banded sea bream

Comunitat Valenciana

The shallower coastal waters on the frontier between rocks and sand are full of oval-shaped silver coloured fish. These are salemas, sargos and two-banded sea bream.

The Sarpa salpa has 10 to 12 horizontal golden bands and yellow eyes. It swims in compact schools as a defensive strategy and to catch food. The salpa is one of the few herbivorous species of fish in the Mediterranean, and so plays an important role in the ecosystem. Some were found to be toxic after consuming large amounts of the seaweed Caulerpa.

The species of the Diplodus genus are characterised by having a flat oval body. The sargo, or Diplodus sargo can be identified by the black marks on its tail and above its eyes and the vertical body markings (which are sometimes difficult to see).

Diplodus en la Reserva Marina de Isla de Tabarca
Diplodus sargus accompanied by a group of Thalasoma pavo and a small grouper in the Marine Reserve of Isla de Tabarca


The two-banded sea bream, or Diplodus vulgaris, is a silvery-blue fish that is easily recognisable for the two black bands on the back of its head and at the base of the tail. It can reach up to 40 cm in length.

Mojarras en los arcos de la Isla de Benidorm
Two-banded sea bream in the arches of the Isla de Benidorm