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The Second Llosa - Benidorm


At a distance of about a hundred metres from the anchoring buoy of the La Llosa dive, and taking a course of some 100°, after a couple of minutes travelling along underwater, which it is best to do at the minimum depth to still be able to see the bottom, you come to what is known as The second Llosa. It is a huge vertical step which falls from some 32 metres deep to about 43 metres. This dive, not very frequented, harbours an exceptional concentration of life forms, in both diversity and size: huge lobsters pile up in a few metres, large forkbeard hake keep an eye out without any fear while conger eels of considerable length creep out of their hideyholes; there is a proliferation of nudibranchs or sea­slugs like Hypselodoris elegans, known in English as the elegant nudibranch, and the dotted sea slug and, above all, an eye­catching and frondy colony of the yellow gorgonian or sea fan Paramuricea clavata covering some stretches of the step­wall.

Staying on this seabed will necessarily be reduced and the return will be made retracing the route so that, on coming to the walls of La Llosa, the ascent and the elimination of the excess of nitrogen begin.

Undoubtedly this trip provides an unusual spectacle which only divers of maximum ability level with adequate experience can access. Given the considerable depth, appropriate safety measures must be provided and leave a bottle with regulators at a depth of some five metres for the eventual decompression.

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Second Llosa Benidorm


La Segunda Llosa - Benidorm

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